Vina Nha Trang Receives Commendation from Vietnam Coffee – Cocoa Association (VICOFA) for Outstanding Contributions in 2022-2023

Vina Nha Trang, a leading industrial engineering entity specializing in the coffee processing machinery and equipment system, has recently been honored with a commendation from the Vietnam Coffee – Cocoa Association (VICOFA) for its exceptional contributions to the development of the Vietnamese coffee industry in the 2022-2023. This recognition not only signifies a significant honor for Vina Nha Trang but also stands as a source of pride for the broader coffee industry in Vietnam.

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In the 2022-2023, Vina Nha Trang not only upheld the quality of its products but also introduced innovative solutions, leveraging advanced technology to enhance production efficiency and contribute to environmental preservation. This has created a positive ripple effect within the coffee industry.

Vina Nha Trang has demonstrated that it is not only an outstanding industrial engineering enterprise but also a representative of innovation and a commitment to sustainable development.

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