Vina Nha Trang is honored to receive the Vietnam Agricultural Gold Brand 2023

In order to honor products that have made positive contributions to Vietnam’s agriculture industry, on the morning of October 25, in Hanoi, the Vietnam General Association of Agriculture and Rural Development (Agriculture and Rural Development) held a ceremony to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its establishment and honor Vietnam’s Golden Agricultural Brands in 2023.

z4819149764548 2580c30adc58aafebb916c09c57b2b2e z4818438881304 ab1c45ceae030b29536bffb79f09ebf1 scaledVina Nha Trang is one of the honored businesses and has products recognized at this Golden Brand honoring ceremony.

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This is also a testament to the tireless efforts of VNT workers and is also a great motivation for VNT to continue production and development on its journey.

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