Pre-Cleaner is a specialized equipment for: preliminary screening, preliminary cleaning of agricultural products in the form of grains such as peper, rice, beans, corn, coffee, etc. The machine works on the principle of vibration and the suction of a fan.

  • The machine can separate impurities such as stone, wood pieces.
  • Machine can be separated: wire sewing sacks, leaves, garbage, other light impurities such as rice husk.
  • Machine can be separated: a small grit, small batch.
  • When operation does not generate dust into the surrounding environment.
  • Bag filter cyclone to prevent dust to outside (optionnal)



ModelCapacity (ton/h)Total Power (HP)Dimensions (L x W x H,mm)
MTC - 6X4 - 662100 x 1800 x 2500
MTC - 12X10 - 1282800 x 2000 x 3500

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