Control system

– Easy to operate
– Optional to upgrade to automatic with PLC and connect with computer to either save roasting recipe or access data via USB connection (by using Artisan software…)
Roasting drum
– With air cushion
– With agitators for shining beans and not scorching
– Special material, food safety
Heating system
– Infrared burner or blue flame burner
– Gas burnt completely, no smoke smell
Cooling sieve and fan
– Fast cooling (3-5 mins)
– Dust cyclone
– Special material, food safety
– Insulated, limit heat loss to the outside
– Stressed reinforced steel


  • Roasting time: 12-20 mins.
  • Even quality (95 – 99%).
  • Easy to inspect and sample during roasting process.
  • Aftertaste is adjustable.
  • Roasting temperature and time are adjustable for each type of coffee beans .
  • Easy to operate, clean and do maintenance
  • Energy saving.
  • Monitor NOx, Cox, etc. at minimum level.

  • Catching the technological trend and the market demand has become increasingly demanding, VNT team has focused on researching and setting up a new automatic controller – fully automatic – to produce the roasters with the most modern technology in the world. With the PLC, thermal sensors, analysis software … the delicious and tasty coffee will not be too difficult to reach.
  • The Phidgets 1048 hardware installed in the roaster connected with 2 thermometers for coffee beans temperature and hot air, and then analyzes, creates the basis for selecting and storing the most accurate profile. The optimal set-up process saves processing time, above all, creates consistency in the quality of finished products of various batches.
  • HMI touch screen is easy to interact with the user, while displaying roasting parameters, coffee beans temperature, hot air and temperature rises for 1 minute (BT, ET). Equipment status helps to control the roasting process to ensure the quality of coffee at the highest level.
  • Roasting program is connected to electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, etc.

Why Vina Nhatrang Roaster ?

  • Less gas supply than the other 30 – 40% because infrared system.
  • Material of all part are high qualities. Drum made from Temperature Resistant Stainless Stell.
  • Drum style an design: Double rum jacket design make consistent of heat and protect the roasting defect happen.
  • Separate burner controls, to adjust the dual burners separately, allows unlimited roast profiling.
  • Reasonable price in the market.

  • Capacity (Kg/hr): 36 – 48
  • Batch capacity (Kg/batch): 6 -12
  • Gas consumption: 3 – 4(Kg of gas/100Kg)
  • Electricity consumption: 3.36(Kwh)
  • Power supply: 3 phase – 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 2800 x 1000 x 2250 (L x W x H,mm)
  • Apprx. Weight: 800(Kg)

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